Duke Skie

Duke Skie

Real Name: Duke Skie

Height: 7ft 6in

Death Demon, Arconia, House of Kasau Ki

Duke Skie was a well respected Duke in his house before accepting a postion working for Death. Now he uses his cosmic powers of a Death Demon combined with those of Arconian Nobility to do his masters bidding.

Duke Skie has been known to wipe out squads of starcraft, but he has a condition for one on one battle. If a person fights well enough and impresses him, he will spare them.

Duke Skie avoids his home world and others of his race. He allies with no one.

Duke Skie's Galaxy Zento stats are: STR: 6 END: 6 SPE: 7 AGL: 5 MNT: 5

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